How To Cure Any Stomach Pain

Stomach ache is also known as “abdominal Pain”. It is one of the most tricky problem because it is hard to find remedies for it until you know the exact cause of the problem. It could be indigestion, gastritis, or a bowel syndrome, so an aching tummy could be due to many things. There are some remedies which you can apply to get some relief from pain and discomfort.

1.Enjoy a cup of Tea

If you are facing severe stomach pain, it is the best time to have a good cup of strong herbal tea. As an ingredient you can use Chamomile , Ginger or mint as these herbs act as anti-inflammatory and helps in relieving muscle pains. When these herbs relax your muscles, the contractions ease up inside your digestive system and lessens the cramps and spasms in stomach area. Ginger and mint have special ayurvedic medicinal properties which helps regulating your digestion and abdomen pain. Fresh ginger and mint helps better than the dry one.

2. Drink Water

It is highly recommended by doctors to drink as much water as possible if you want to get some relief from stomach problems. Water helps in reducing ph factor inside your body and removes acidity in stomach. So it is advisable to drink 2-3 ounces of water in eveyr 15 minutes if you are facing stomaches. You can also add some peppermint, chamomile, or ginger with honey in your drink and warm it because it helps even more to remove acidity and GERD. Acid reflux also known as GERD is a very common problem in India or abroad and water is best remedy to that problem.

3. Take care of your diet

The most common cause of stomach woes is bad eating habits. It is advisable to eat less oily or greasy food as these are unhealthy for our stomach. If you feel hungry, try to eat mor bland food like a toast, fruits or vegetable in less quantity without oil. Adding to that, you need to watch what you eat- if you eat fast or talk while eating this causes indigestion as you don’t get to chew your food properly so it is advised to eat slowly and avoid swallowing your food.

4. Try Soda and Lime water

If your diagnose says that the nature of cause of your stomach problem is acidity, the best solution is to try having baking soda with lime water with addition of some salt and pepper. The mixture is highly effective in reducing stomach acidity.

5.  Manage your health

If you are continuous facing stomachache and acidity, it is high time to manage your health. Unfit body is root cause of all diseases. To increase your digestion and improve your digestive system you need to get into a regular habit of going for a walk for at least 30-40 minutes every time you consume your meal.

The best way forward is to prepare a routine for it, a small stroll and exercise can have significant impact of your digestion.

Stomach ache is very common problem for every individual of all ages, be it male or female so it is highly urgent to follow above remedies to treat yours stomach with best possible solution.