Acne Treatment At Home

Drinking green tea reduces the growth of acne on the faces and it has worked for lot of people all across the globe. This is not a myth but a fact which has been recorded in alternative medical records worldwide as one of the best acne treatments at home. Now we all know that the development of facial scars is one of the biggest problems amongst teenagers and young adults everywhere in the world. There are various treatments available these days and if you are so inclined you can try using one of the various treatments on the market such as zenmed . However to fight acne naturally, naturotherapy experts advise that by drinking green tea it can very well be brought under control and in some cases removed completely.

Nevertheless, once must also understand that just by sipping green tea, pimplesand acne will not instantly be removed from the skin. You need to incorporate a routine set of home treatments which should include a bi monthly set of facials. Make sure to include keeping fit and eating right, which will go a far way in removing scars, unclogging and tightening pores. However people around the world these days have taken to drinking green tea as one of the remedies for acne related problems. Keep in mind, if acne could be cure just by sipping tea: all the pharmacies selling acne lotions would shut shop and sell tea. Hence it is important to understand the properties of green tea which is popularly known for its anti acne properties.

Greentea has antioxidants, so when you sip green tea, acne is being attacked by these antioxidants which are present in green tea and they help in destroying the base on which acne lies. The elements are known for preventing the formation of acne dead cells and they have also been useful in trying to kill acne dead cells. These elements stop acne developments and also help in lowering the risk of further infection spreading to the back which could create back acne, in some cases preventing it completely.

By having a cup or two of hot steamy green tea future formations of acne is stopped on various levels since the antioxidants present in the tea does not allow the dead cells to increase assuring you a slow dose on spot treatments because it stunts the growth of the dead skin. Make the sipping of green tea a part of your acne home treatment routine to help your skin glow with vigor and vitality. After all your skin is the personality of your mind body and soul combined into one and you want to keep it looking fresh and full at any given point in time. It will certainly make you feel good when people compliment you as you age., as you now know that the kitchen in your house has the biggest defense mechanism to fight these unwanted blemishes and scars.